The Institute of Ecology and Natural Resources

   The Institute of Ecology and Natural Resources conducts scientific research guided by the provisions delineated in the “Strategic Roadmaps for National Economy and Key Sectors of the Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan” and the Development Concept of “Azerbaijan - 2020: Vision of the Future”. 

   Situated in one of the most resource-rich regions globally, the institute focuses on scientific investigations pertaining to the presence of ore and mineral deposits. This includes the exploration of non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy, bentonite and zeolite studies crucial for various industries, examination of materials used in road construction, and research on Naftalan oil and its unique waste, recognized as singular globally. The institute also delves into the thermal and therapeutic properties of mineral waters, scrutinizes water resources in the region, and conducts passporting of industrial and household waste.

   Notably, the scientific inquiry encompasses the vital exploration of bentonite and zeolite deposits, integral as raw materials for metallurgy and the oil refining industry. Furthermore, research on Naftalan oil, distinguished for its exclusive therapeutic value worldwide, is a prominent focus, with an emphasis on formulating novel medicinal preparations derived from it.

   Future plans involve the development of passporting and recycling technologies for industrial and household waste accumulated over extended periods in areas designated for useful land utilization.